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Working Knives
Custom chef's knives, camp, hunting and utility knives. I have made top quality knives for many professional chefs around the world.
Art Knives and Daggers
Bowies and Fighters
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My Knives
 About My Knives:

All of my knives are hand made by me, using a variety of carbon and stainless steels, and many exotic handle materials such as tropical hard woods, bone, horn, stone or synthetic materials like Corian. Most of my knives are hand-forged in my shop (called a smithy). My large, stainless steel kitchen knives are made by "stock removal", and they are heat treated to exacting standards. I also manufacture my own patterned steel for the "Damascus" look, used mostly on hunting knives and daggers. 
For the collector, SCA re-enactor or simply because it's cool! My art knives are intricate and always fully functional.
For the cowboy in all of us, or if you have an interest in traditional fighting knives, these can be for display or use in the field.
For personal use at home or in a professional kitchen, or as a gift for that special connoisseur. Cased sets are made strictly to order and may take from 3 to 6 months to execute.Contact me for details and design options.
I have made medieval scalpels, fantasy knives and tools for presentations and as gifts to retiring dignitaries. Bring me your ideas for consideration.
This is a highly specialized end of my knife making - designing and fabricating a companion knife for a particularly interesting antique pistol!
I make fixed blade knives in a variety of styles and for many applications. Browse the categories below by clicking on the image. 
These tiny knives are made the same way as a large knife - forging, heat treatment, handles, pins, liners - all just made much smaller.