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Ancient Brain Drill
This is perhaps the most unusual order I have had: a copy of an ancient brain drill for a retiring brain surgeon. It has a spring-loaded chuck, and detachable drill bit. Carbon steel, brass and purple heart.
Surgeon's Scalpel
Wire-Hilt Main Gauche
Long Sword
"Transitional" Rapier
Neck Knife
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Unusual Knives
Knives are more than kitchen tools! here you will find unusual knives such as scalpels, letter openers, art knives and whatever other unusual applications I can dream up...
Fashioned loosely after a medieval scalpel, these are presented to retiring doctors. A great display and conversation piece. Not to be used for surgery...
A secondary weapon for sword fighters, the main gauche (left hand) dagger was used to parry incoming blows as well as using it offensively.
Strictly a wall-hanger, this 10th century long sword or "Zwimanis" (two-hander) is an early example of my work. 
Early rapier-style sword fashioned after the 15th century swords which were becoming narrower and lighter as carbon steel technology evolved. Forged guard, walnut grip.
These tiny knives are worn around the neck as an accoutrement to your bikers' garb. Popular with bikers, hikers and campers. Stainless blade and ferrule, cocobolo grip.
My knives sell anywhere from $75 for a simple utility knife to $375 for an intricate dagger or large Bowie. Chef's knives sell typically for $135 to $250, and cased sets can run into several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for details and quotes. Have a look on the Currently Available page for my knives for sale.