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Miniature Collection
Tiny knives with a variety of handles, some with custom sheaths. Compare the size to the Nickel...
Drop Point Hunter
Drop Point Hunter
Miniature Chef's Knives
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Real knives in every respect, miniatures are not toys. They are made with the same care and precision as a regular knife: heat treated, tempered and sharpened. Miniatures are popular collector's items and some fetch as much - or more than -  a "real" knife.
Stainless AEB-L blade, brass guard and pins, Wenge scales. Comes with a tiny custom sheath...
Stainless AEB-L blade, bone grips with leather liner, steel pins, custom sheath.
Stainless AEB-L blades, Corian grips and colorful liners. Based on my proprietary design...
Miniature Dagger
Double-edged, hollow ground blade forged from W-1, carved antler grip, steel guard and pommel.
Miniature Bowies
James Bowie would have been hard pressed to win a fight at the sandbar with one of these...
Traditional Sheffield design, but only 8cm (3 in) long. Antiqued steel blade, brass guards and pins. Bone (top) and antler (bottom) scales. Custom leather sheath.
This small dagger is forged from W1 tool steel, hollow-ground and fitted with fire-blued guard, ferrule and pommel. The pommel has a tiny alabaster stone set into it. The grip is cocobolo, carved into a rope pattern. Complete with a calves' leather sheath and frog.
Miniature Dagger
Miniature Cowboy Rig
Miniature Bowie knife  with stag grips, and a real, antique 2mm pinfire gun in a custom "cowboy rig" with bullet loops and a steel belt buckle. The rig is made from calves' leather.