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7 and 8 inch traditional French chef's knives made from stainless AEB-L in my proprietary design. Heat treated and differentially tempered to about 58rc, Corian scales with stainless pins on the right, pau ferro and purple heart on the left, one with Alowood liner. Corian is impermeable to water, grease and food dirt, and 100% sanitary. 
$175 each
Miniature drop-point hunter with bone scales, leather liner and steel pins. The blade is stainless AEB-L, heat treated and tempered. Comes with a custom sheath.
New to my lineup: paring and turning knives. These are 4 inch, traditional paring knives and professional chef's turning knives but much classier. The blades are stainless AEB-L with Corian grips in various colour combinations.
Sheffield Bowie
Reproduction of a typical English made Bowie from the mid- to late 19th century. These were made for export to America and often used a fancy silver table knife handle as a grip, with a large blade and a brass guard. 1080 carbon steel, acid-etched with an antique silver handle and brass guard. Complete with a period-style leather sheath.
Three Little Skinners. 
All are forged from 1084 carbon steel, with stabilized maple and birch burl. The bottom two are dyed birch, the top is maple. Complete with custom, hand-made leather sheaths.
$95 each
Large chef's knife made from AEB-L stainless steel, stainless ferrule and pommel, cocobolo grip. This knife is made in the style of a Bowie, with a "false edge". It is a heavy knife for a large hand, and for tough kitchen jobs. 9 inch blade, 1/8 inch thick at the spine and 2 inches wide.

I charge a nominal $20 to ship anywhere in Canada, using regular Canada Post Service. If you require expedited service, insurance or registration, please let me know and I will calculate a cost for you.
Large off-hand dagger with a 9 1/2 inch blade. Forged from W-1 tool steel, hollow ground, with fire-blued guard and pommel. Brass accents, rope pattern carved Pau Ferro grip. Custom sheath and frog.
$400 SOLD
Large Bowie with an 8 1/2 inch blade, forged from 1095 carbon steel. It has a brass guard and bolster, cocobolo and bone grip scales and black leather spacers. Comes with a handsome, hand-made leather sheath.
$375 SOLD
Drop Point Hunter forged from 5160 tool steel, rosewood grip, mosaic pins, with ABS spacers and steel bolster. Custom hand-made sheath.
7 inch 1095 carbon steel Bowie, Purple Heart grip with a stag horn rosette and brass pommel. This heavy knife is ready for some serious work in the bush. You could chop firewood with this 1/4 inch blade as readily as cutting up a carcass. Of course it comes with a custom leather sheath.
8 inch Chef's knife with tiger wood and purple heart scales, blue spacers. 1/16th inch AEB-L blade, Rc 58.5, stainless pins.
Coffin Handle Bowie
Another reproduction of a typical 19th century American Bowie with bone slab grip, brass frame and guard. These coffin handle knives were popular with soldiers and frontiersmen. It is forged from 1084 carbon steel, with a "forced patina" finish on the 9 1/2 inch blade. Complete with a period-style leather sheath.
Scrimshaw Hunter forged from 5160 tool steel with Corian handle and wildlife scrim. 5 1/2 inch blade, custom sheath.
San Mai Skinners. 
Three layers of metal - carbon steel, mild steel and nickel - make for a tough and beautiful blade. The carbon steel core and edge are embedded in mild steel and nickel, then forged out into a blade. The handles are made from stabilized, dyed wood burl, with mosaic pins. Complete with custom, hand-made leather sheaths.
$195 each
French Slicer
Narrower than a typical French chef's knife, the slicer is used for slicing meats, roasts and large items which might get stuck to a wide chef's knife. This one is forged from 1095 high-carbon steel which has been differentially heat treated to produce a "Hamon", the faint line in the steel between hardened and non-hardened sections of the knife. 8 x 1 1/2 inch blade, layered micarta grip, stainless bolster and pins.
Another French Slicer, this one forged from 1084 carbon steel, with Corian handle and steel bolster.
TMF Knives Wins "Best Culinary 2018" at Kamloops Knife Show!
Best Culinary Knife of 2018
One of my "inventions: the French Chef's knife with the forward leaning bolster and the finger groove in the heel of the blade won "Best Culinary Knife" at the 2018 Kamloops knife show. It is for sale just like the rest...
Drop-Point Hunter
1095 carbon steel blade with a beautiful hamon - the line between hardened and non-hardened steel. This is a technique which works only with certain types of carbon steel and is produced by coating the blade with clay before the heat treating. This one has stabilized, spalted English walnut scales, with stainless bolster, spacers and pins. The blade is 6 3/4 by 1 1/2, 3/32 thick at the spine. Comes with a custom leather sheath.