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Miniature Hunter
This tiny 5mm revolver is all of 3 inches long, and the miniature drop-point hunter I made to go with it is just as small. Damascus blade, cocobolo scales, brass bolster.
Rare Domingo Alberdi
Gimlet Knife
Victor Collette
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Companion Knives
My antique gun collection passion crosses over with knife making: when I come across a particularly interesting gun I will pair it with a custom knife to enhance and complement the set.
This rare Spanish made revolver is inlaid with gold and silver - a museum piece! The shape of the dagger complements the lines of the gun, and the scales are studded with silver wire.
The gimlet knife, or push dagger was common with gamblers, pimps and robbers in the 19th century. This "gambler's kit" contains the gun, knife, sheath, and a set of dice.
A mint condition Belgian pin fire revolver with a matching companion boot knife. The blade is properly heat treated carbon steel, with fire-blued guard and pommel and a carved stag horn grip.
My knives sell anywhere from $75 for a simple utility knife to $375 for an intricate dagger or large Bowie. Chef's knives sell typically for $135 to $250, and cased sets can run into several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for details and quotes. Have a look on the Currently Available page for my knives for sale.
Chicago Firearms
This is a very rare Chicago Firearms "The Protector" palm pistol. It is in near-mint condition with Mother Of Pearl grips. The companion knife is a push-dagger with MOP accents and nickel plated grip to match the plating on the gun. Includes 7 rounds of extremely rare .32 extra short rim fire ammunition.
Double-Barrel Pin Fire
Mint condition double-barrel pin fire pistol without maker's name but probably of German manufacture. The case is antique but modified to accommodate the gun and dagger. The dagger is fire-blued to match the deep bluing of the gun and the rosewood grip carved to resemble the stock of the gun. Complete with two rounds of 12mm ammunition.
19th Century "Lupara"
19th Century Belgian-proofed pocket shotgun, called a "Lupara". Apparently they were used for hunting vermin and wolves. It is in mint condition, and paired with one of my creations: a German-style "Hirschfanger" hunting knife, with nickel silver scallop shell guard and pommel, and "ebonized" hardwood scales. The set is housed in a custom oak case, fitted in the French style.
Robbins & Lawrence
Mint condition, antique Robbins & Lawrence Pepperbox from the 1850's paired with a custom boot knife. The knife is forged from W-1 tool steel and fire-blued to match the blue of the gun. The scallop shell guard is browned like the barrel cluster. Housed in a custom walnut case, fitted in the French style.