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Wedding Knife Set
What could be a better present for the newlyweds' new kitchen than a beautiful knife set egraved with the special date?
Tableside Carving Set
Tableside Carving Set
Chef's Knife Set 
Chef's Knives in Block
Wedding Knife Set
If you are interested in a cased set as a special present, please contact me.
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Cased Sets
This is perhaps the most labour-intensive aspect of my craft - First I make the knives, forks and sharpening steels, then I fashion a custom case to house the set. Cased sets can take from 2 to 6 months to execute. I make these strictly to order.
Thanksgiving turkey dinner will be more elegant when the bird is carved with your special knife set.
Personalized with a monogrammed clasp, this is the most ornate set I have made to date. Approximately $600
Two knives and a steel, in a custom leather knife roll for the chef "on the go".
Optional knife block in wood matching the knives' handles. Priced according to size and wood used.
Another set of a knife and steel, stabilized maple burl in a walnut case. The names and date of the happy couple are etched into the blade. Approximately $400
My knives sell anywhere from $75 for a simple utility knife to $375 for an intricate dagger or large Bowie. Chef's knives sell typically for $135 to $250, and cased sets can run into several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for details and quotes. Have a look on the Currently Available page for my knives for sale.