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13 Inch Bowie
Forged from 1095 carbon steel, with "as forged" hammer marks in the flats. Brass bolster, bone scales, brass pommel and pins. The grip is in the style of a Roman short sword.
Traditional Bowie
Bowie with Stag Horn
Damascus Bowie
"Rising Sun" Bowie
Large Bowie
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Bowie Knives and Fighters
US Army Colonel James Bowie is credited with inventing this distinctive fighting knife in 1828. It has a "False Edge", a sharp section on the top of the blade near the point, which is meant to be used in the up-stroke, like a sabre. These big knives are popular as a bush or hunting knife, or as a companion to a cowboy's "six-shooter".
Forged from 5160 tool steel, with zebra wood handle and steel pommel, pins and guard.
5160 blade, brass guard and pommel. The stag horn is from a BC white tail deer.
Bone grip with scrimshaw, leather spacers, etched guard and pommel.
A mosaic handle in the shape of a rising sun, purple heart and walnut, fire-blued pommel and guard.
A heavy knife for the hunter or cowboy re-enactor. Bone and wenge grip with leather spacers, brass guard. 1095 carbon steel blade, differentially heat treated.
My knives sell anywhere from $75 for a simple utility knife to $375 for an intricate dagger or large Bowie. Chef's knives sell typically for $135 to $250, and cased sets can run into several hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for details and quotes. Have a look on the Currently Available page for my knives for sale.